for this brilliant reason you have to Put a clove of garlic inside the toilet

By Admin - April 03, 2021

For this brilliant reason , you have to put a clove of garlic inside the toilet

Cleaning toilets isn't one of our number one activities. In any case, it is significant not to put off cleaning your latrine. Did you realize that toilets are frequently probably the dirtiest spot in your home? For instance, a large number of microorganisms and growths flourish in your latrine. By putting off cleaning, the microorganisms will spread rapidly. It sounds insane, however, a garlic clove can help!

Garlic in your toilet

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Garlic in your toilet

You're probably wondering why you should put a clove of garlic in your toilet. Well, garlic is a natural panacea! It has a disinfectant and anti-inflammatory effect. To clean the toilet, people end up using very strong chemicals which, although they clean the place, can be harmful to your health. To do it more naturally, you can keep your toilet clean with garlic. Garlic contains a substance called allicin. This protects against bacteria and prevents fungi. Even in places where they often thrive, like your toilet!

How it works

This tip works very simply: just put a peeled garlic clove in your toilet. It's best to do this tip at night when you use the toilet less often. Because then the garlic can work its cleaning magic all night long. In the morning, you flush the toilet. Do this about twice a week to make sure the toilet is completely free of mold.

Yellow stains in your toilet

Do you suffer from yellow stains in the toilet? Don't panic, you can also use a garlic clove to make your toilet shine again! Make garlic tea to easily remove these stains. Boil about a litre of water. In the meantime, finely chop three cloves of garlic or squeeze them with a garlic press. Then add the garlic to the boiled water and leave it to soak for about 20 minutes. After that you can pour the mixture down the toilet. We also recommend that you do this at night so that the garlic can do its job overnight!

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