10 Foods To Avoid as You age - 10 high carb foods to avoid on a low carb diet

By Admin - June 28, 2020

10 Foods To Avoid As You Age

At a young age, most of us can eat our bodies into infinity without detrimental consequences. However, as we grow older, our bodies tend to change, so with that, what we put in them should adapt to those changes as well. The following article will provide you with a basic guide to what you should avoid as your body matures and how to pick the healthy choice. Now, it is important to realize that EVERYBODY is different! This list just provides the basics of what might not be healthy for you as you age. Consult a nutritionist for more in-depth information on personal diets.

1/10 Artificial Sweeteners


Many people indulge in artificial sweeteners in hopes of reducing calorie intake and losing weight. But there has to be a catch….right? The answer is..yes. According to Harvard Health, there are several types of artificial sugars approved by the FDA, and the effects of these sugars on the body is very complex and not 100% understood. However, there has been an increased correlation with the ingestion of these complex sugars and type 2 diabetes. Natural sugars, such as sugars from fruits, are much healthier and contain necessary nutrients and fiber. I\’ll take my mango and fresh-squeezed orange juice, please. 

2/10 Soda


The next item to avoid goes hand in hand with the first. As you grow older, soda in general might be a great substance to avoid. Diet and regular alike. Both have been linked to weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, and in some cases, stroke. Switching to diet soda isn\’t much help because the artificial sweeteners in diet soda may be addictive and curb your appetite for healthy, naturally occurring sugars (refer to item 1). Try starting your day with a coffee with soy milk, fruit-infused water, or tea with honey and lemon! These options are MUCH healthier (and we think, tastier!).

3/10 Drinking Through A Straw


Now, this next item on our list isn\’t necessarily food, but it might help you in the long run. Drinking through a straw made it on our list for several reasons. First of all, as we age, this practice is known to cause wrinkles around the mouth (and who wants that?!). Secondly, there is a BIG movement against plastic straws because of the amount of single-use plastic being found in our environment. Scientists estimate that by 2050 there will be more plastics in the ocean (by weight) than fish! So, help protect your face (and fish!) by skipping the straw. Visit strawlessocean.org for more information on #skippingtheplastic.

4/10  Pizza

10 Foods To Avoid As You Age

Sorry to do this to you folks, but yes, pizza has made it on our list. According to Healthline, one slice of pizza can have up to 33% of your average daily take of sodium. And let\’s be honest, who only has one slice of pizza? And, it\’s even worse if you\’re eating from a restaurant. But we know, and don\’t expect, anyone, to permanently cut this beloved dish out of their diet completely. Instead, try and make your own pizza at home! Try cheese-less or low sodium sauces and doughs. Also, instead of having that second (or third) slice, maybe have a nice leafy, green salad with an olive oil and garlic dressing.

5/10 Salad Dressing

10 Foods To Avoid As You Age

Continuing from our last post, let\’s talk a little bit more about salad dressing. It\’s highly unlikely that anyone actually enjoys a salad without a delicious, creamy dressing on top. But what a lot of people don\’t know, is that the dressing they use is actually destroying the integrity of the salad. Studies have shown that some popular dressing brands take up 13% of daily sodium intake in just 2 tbsp. of dressing. Try making your own vinaigrette at home using apple cider vinegar (super healthy!) or, my favorite, diced tomatoes, minced garlic, olive oil, herbs, and just a dash of sea salt. 

6/10 Canned Soup

10 Foods To Avoid as You age - 10 high carb foods to avoid on a low carb diet

Another high sodium culprit to avoid: canned soup (high sodium intake can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease). Of course, some canned soups do come in low sodium varieties, but we think it\’s always best to make these things at home whenever possible. Generally speaking, one can of soup contain up to 30% of your daily sodium intake. Try making your own broth at home with fresh veggies and herbs. This will taste much better and always be a healthier option!

7/10 Pop-Tarts

10 Foods To Avoid as You age - 10 high carb foods to avoid on a low carb diet

Now, I know most of us have probably outgrown these sugary treats, but for those of us who haven\’t, here\’s why you should. Pop-Tarts (and other processed pastries alike) rank pretty high up there in terms of how ridiculously unhealthy they are. These “breakfast” items contain NO nutritional value and are very high in trans fats. They are essentially refined sugars, wheat flour, and shortening and contain no benefits, whatsoever. Again, if you are absolutely craving a flaky, sweet pastry treat, there are lots of recipes online to make these at home with fresh fruits and more wholesome ingredients for a more healthy choice (like the picture above).

8/10 Processed Cheese

10 Foods To Avoid as You age - 10 high carb foods to avoid on a low carb diet

Let\’s be honest, most of us love cheese. And I\’m talking about REAL cheese. That\’s why processed cheese has made it\’s way onto our list. Also known as “cheese food”, processed cheese does contain real cheese as a base, but there are also salts, preservatives, and emulsifiers added to give producers the desired properties. According to Fooducate, the FDA highly regulates the labeling of cheese products based on certain properties with process cheese containing 100% cheese, process cheese food containing at least 51%, and cheese product containing less than 51%. So, we aren\’t saying stop eating cheese, just pay more mind to the product you\’re purchasing to avoid those unwanted additives.

9/10 Energy Drinks

10 Foods To Avoid as You age - 10 high carb foods to avoid on a low carb diet

Energy drinks are posing an increasing risk in our day and age. According to NCCIH, the top consumers of energy drinks are men between the ages of 18 and 34. Not only do some of these beverages account for more one person\’s daily intake of sugar (54-62 g in 16 oz. Yikes!), studies are showing that they pose some other safety and health concerns, especially when drank excessively. One 16 oz. can have up to 240 mg of caffeine (compared to 100 mg in an 8 oz. cup of coffee) and also contain guarana, an additional source of energy. Large amounts of caffeine have been linked to sleep issues, anxiety, and irregular heart rhythms. 

10/10 White Bread

10 Foods To Avoid as You age - 10 high carb foods to avoid on a low carb diet

I know this list must be killing you, and we are going to go ahead and hit you with another hard topic. Bread. But don\’t worry, we\’re not talking about ALL bread. However, we do highly suggest dropping white bread. To get that white flour, manufacturers strip the grains of the essential nutrients that make bread healthy. Choosing a whole-wheat bread IS a better choice, but there are always loopholes manufacturers can go through. What we highly suggest is completely letting go of white bread and finding a brand that you are confident in buying whole-wheat from.



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