8 HIIT Workout Moves For Bad Knees

By Admin - November 08, 2019

All people need to get in a very sweating exercising and desire we tend to do our greatest, however generally, weak joints get within the method. High impact exercises are nice for our hearts, however with physical impairments like knee, articulatio talocruralis or back injuries, heaps of individuals can’t do the jumps, runs, or jerky direction changes that others will. Here are moves that won’t 
sacrifice safety for intensity.

1. Single leg running

This cardio move won’t just burn fat – it’ll build coordination. Start in a lunge position with your right foot forward and left leg back, keeping your left arm in front and right arm back. Then bend your left knee, quickly bringing it forward in front of the hip as arms swing in opposite directions. Repeat this one leg for 30 seconds, and then switch sides with the other leg forward.

2. Medicine ball slam and squad

Begin holding the medicine ball above your head, flexing your core and pelvic floor as you slam the medicine ball onto the floor with force. Squat down to pick up the cushion, stand back up and repeat the move. This challenging move takes a lot of power and will take your breath away quickly, due to core control.

3. Stationary skater

Mimic the side to side movement of skating with this thigh/butt blaster that targets the core. Start with feet hip-width apart. Then bend your left knee and move into a side lunge while extending the right leg and keeping the right foot pointed, while bringing the right arm forward and left arm back, both elbows bent. Remaining in a squat, shift weight and switch legs and arms, skating side to side quickly for 45 seconds.

4. Modified burpees

Start by standing with feet hip-width apart and arms overhead, then pushing hips back and bending into a low squat position, place hands on the floor and walk them out to a high plank. Then do a full pushup (or knee pushup depending on mobility). Then, walk your hands back to the squat and repeat for 45 seconds.

5. Double Side Step with Back Row

Start standing, with arms fully extended in front of the chest. Take two steps to the right as you pull your arms back with every step. Repeat with the left side, and initiate movement with the abdominal and inner thighs. Increase intensity by completing sets faster or widening steps.

6. Seated jump tucks

Sit on the edge of a stable, sturdy ox or chair and lean back slightly. Pull your abs in tight and bend the knees to approximately 90 degrees. With toe pointed lightly on the floor, bend elbows and hands in front of shoulders. Quickly lift your knees up and tap thighs with the hands, sitting upright as your draw legs in. Then return to start and repeat in a rapid movement for 45 seconds. Accent the lift rather than the lower.

7. Windmill Step

Stand with feet together, and arms angled to the left hip. Then, moving with control instead of momentum, circle arms up and overhead from left to right, as you take your left leg back behind the right leg into a curtsy. Reverse on the other side.

8. Army crawl

Start in a plank position with shoulders over the wrist and feet together until your body is in a straight line. Bend your left arm so it is in a forearm plank, and then bend your right arm, so you are in full forearm plank. To push yourself up, lift your left hand and place it on the mat below your shoulder, pressing through the palm. As you get to the top, place your right palm on the floor beneath the right shoulder, pushing back into a full plank. Repeat.



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