7 Healthy Foods That Are Poisonous When Eaten Wrong

By Admin - November 07, 2019

We all know the downsides of junk food, but did you know that even the healthiest of foods can be fatal if they’re not prepared in the right way? Here are the top healthy foods that people are preparing wrong and hence risking their health.

1. Meat, seafood, poultry

Cook these ingredients at a lower temperature, as a result of preparation it at a heat changes macromolecule and makes it dangerous for your health. steep your macromolecule to avoid this, and flip it often.

2. Potatoes

When potatoes sit within the sun or in damp locations, they begin to sprout. Some folks simply bring to a halt these spouts, however, you ought to throw them out since these potatoes contain poison and even one will cause abdominal pain, GI issues, vomiting, and diarrhea.

3. Milk

In normal quantities, milk is perfectly fine to drink. However, if you ingest an excessive amount of, you risk developing disorder and arterial sclerosis. stick with simply some of the cups every day to avoid the perils of prostate and gonad cancer, as well.

4. Shellfish

When one consumed raw or undercooked shellfish, they open themselves up to the contaminants that may be fatal for humans. Also, slightly spoiled shellfish can cause microorganism infections and malady, therefore be careful about that fudge temperature

5. Cashews

Raw cashews are often deadly – you may be questioning, then why do they sell raw cashews at the native store? as a result of they’re truly steamed, that removed urushiol, a chemical found in poison Hedera helix.

6. Brazil nuts

We know, there’s plenty of hazards once it involves intake nuts! though wealthy in antioxidants, an excessive amount of antioxidants will truly be ototoxic for humans. 50-75 mg is usually recommended, and one nut contains 60-95mg. It will cause issues with digestion, hair loss, energy loss, and problems with memory.

7. Almonds

Bitter and sweet almonds exist. whereas sweet almonds are harmless, an almond tree has plenty of chemical compounds and intake quite ten will cause issues. once processed, these are often safe as a chemical compound is sometimes extracted however, keep a watch out and don’t go selecting any almond trees.



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