6 Pro Makeup Tips Every Girl Needs to Know

By Admin - November 24, 2019

Cosmetics craftsmen consistently have deceived up their sleeves that they use to make an impeccably made-up face. Once in awhile, such deceives help specialists to spare a ton of time and cash. We chose to get familiar with the stunts they use in their work. We are certain that you will discover them helpful.

1. Put the concealer on correctly.

If you spread concealer around your eyes in circular motions, you won’t get the optimal coverage. Instead, make an inverted triangle with the product and spread it with a brush. This way, you can cover the dark circles more naturally.

2. Change the color of your concealer.

In order to hide imperfections on your skin, professional makeup artists use different colors of concealers: if you have dark circles, you can use a pink color, if you have redness, you can use a green color. Together, the colors make a neutral gray tone that is easy to hide. If you don’t have a concealer of the necessary color, you can use a red lipstick to hide dark circles and matte shadows to conceal acne. Just mix them with your regular concealer.

3. Don’t keep your cosmetics in the bathroom.

Aside from the fact that bacteria reproduce in warm and wet conditions faster, humidity and high temperature that can’t be avoided in a bathroom, worsen the quality of cosmetics. Professional makeup artists put special absorbents into their bags with cosmetics (the same ones that are used in shoeboxes to avoid extra humidity).

4. Wash your sponges before you put any product on them.

Wash your sponges right before using them and pat them dry with a towel. Spread the product on your face with a patting motion. This tip will help you to not only save a lot of money on cosmetics (because less of it will be absorbed by the sponge) but to also create a more natural look. Additionally, the highlighter will be more resistant if you put it on the face with a wet brush.

5. Make your eyebrows look more natural.

Put any eyebrow pencil against your arm first and choose the color that matches your eyebrow shade. Use a flat brush to put the product on the eyebrow to make it look thicker. In order to style the eyebrows, you can use men’s wax for mustaches: it is completely invisible. Put the wax on the tip of the eyebrow. This makeup will look more natural.

6. Hide little wrinkles.

If you have little wrinkles on your eyelids that you would like to hide, use matte shadows. If you still want the eyelids to glow a little, put some color on top of the matte shadows, but only on the center of the eyelid.



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