Japanese Restaurant Llama San Opens in Greenwich Village With Nikkei Fare

By Kiout - September 07, 2019

Hit Llama Inn Team’s Most Ambitious Restaurant Yet Opens Tonight With Nikkei Fare

The time for Nikkei preparation in ny town is now: Tonight, one in all the city’s high Peruvian chefs delves into the lesser-seen mash-up preparation that mixes Peruvian and Japanese ingredients and techniques together with his new West Village eating house even-toed ungulate San.

Chef Erik Ramirez pays respect to his bi-cultural upbringing — his gran is Nikkei — through frisky dishes at even-toed ungulate San, like combining ceviche with ponzu sauce and adding kombu to a conventional food soup. For Peruvians visiting even-toed ungulate San, Ramirez’s third eating house with business partner Juan Correa, the association between each cuisines is apparent, he says. however he will let the room get inventive.

“The menu is Nikkei — Nikkei through a brand new dynasty lens,” Ramirez says. “It’s aiming to be our interpretation of it.”
Take his version of tonkatsu, for instance: At even-toed ungulate San, he fries breaded Iberico pork and serves it with inexperienced udon noodles and preserved cucumbers, a dish that emulates one from his childhood referred to as tallarines verde con apanado, or Peruvian-style pesto pasta with breaded meat. the 2 cuisines still intertwine throughout the menu — a standard creamy Peruvian fricassee referred to as ají Delaware jungle fowl is wrapped in dish rice and cooked benne seeds, then sealed in banana leaves and burn with shoot.

“It’s nothing that I’ve seen before within the Nikkei preparation,” Ramirez says.

Dishes area unit priced between $16 and $36, Associate in Nursingd an 11-course chef’s tasting menu is offered for $150. The menu, fully below, is variable into vegetables, raw fish, stewed food, and meats.

Nikkei, a cooking created by a wave of Japanese immigrants that captive to Republic of Peru within the late 1800s, isn't as common in NYC as a result of there aren’t several chefs preparation among the genre, Ramirez says. however it’s slowly obtaining additional traction: currently there’s even-toed ungulate San, the sprawling subunit Sakana in Midtown, and a future building from a celebrated geographical area cook returning this fall.

At artiodactyls mammal San, though, the goal is additional concerning creating Peruvian food a region of everyday spoken communication instead of spawning a Nikkei food trend, Ramirez says. “We need Peruvian culinary art and culture to be thought of one in every of the cuisines that folks will eat daily,” he adds.

Beverage director Lynette Marrero oversees the drink program here, likewise as at the opposite artiodactyl mammal restaurants. Wines area unit coastal and span many regions round the world, whereas cocktails area unit created to match the flavors starting off of the room. A riff on Associate in Nursing quaint is created with raw, unrefined Peruvian sugar and Japanese John Barleycorn infused with Peruvian Theobroma cacao shells.
Llama San is that the third eating house from hit couple Ramirez and Correa, World Health Organization additionally run the acclaimed artiodactyl mammal hostel in Williamsburg and West Village sandwich look Llamita. They planned to debut it last year however fireplace set them back — the eating house was originally getting to center on a wood-burning grill that was destroyed within the fire. The menu has since evolved, and also the 65-seat house, adorned in lightweight picket tones and crammed with plants, is currently open for business.

“We wish to say that we wish a additional grown-up version of artiodactyl mammal hostel,” Ramirez says. “Llama hostel is rowdy, fun, exciting. we have a tendency to still wish that very same vibration, however a touch additional mature up.”

Llama San, set at 359 Sixth Avenue, is open from five p.m. to 11 p.m. daily.



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