Healthy Nutrition Tips: How To Prepare Fresh Juices for Maximum Health Benefits and Enjoyment

By Kiout - December 12, 2018

Making fresh juices and drinking them every day is one of the best routines you can develop. Juices are delicious, nourishing and super-healthy.

However, it's easy to get stuck in a rut of preparing the same favorite juice every day, which is really a shame, considering how many delicious combinations can be created with a little bit of experimentation and imagination.

So, I want to encourage you to have some fun with your juicing. There are certainly many delicious recipes that you can find on the Internet, including this website, however, don't worry about sticking to the recipes exactly. Be your own guide and recipe creator!

Here are a few guidelines to get you started:

(1) Drink a whole spectrum of rainbow. This means you should consume as wide a spectrum of colors of fruits, vegetables and greens in your juice as possible. Mind you, you don't have to follow this guideline for EACH and EVERY juice that you prepare, just make sure that you are making juices from produce in all colors over the period of week or month.

Each plant pigment is associated with some special nutritional values: chlorophyll, carotenes, flavonoids - by drinking a variety you ensure the most nutritional benefits.

(2) Let your taste be your guide in developing your creations. For instance, when preparing green juices from leafy, greens such as kale, parsley, spinach, or collard greens, you will find that if you put too much of the good stuff into your juice, you will get a combination that is not so tasty to drink. To make it more palatable, throw in some sweetness - apples, carrots, or grapes.

(3) Some people are against mixing fruits and vegetables in the same juice. They say it produces gas and stomach discomfort. Personally, I have never had a problem with such combinations, and - as far as I know - there is no scientific proof that supports such notion. So, don't be afraid to create such mixes, unless it really bothers you, in which case I would recommend just to introduce them slowly into your diet to let your body get used to it.

(4) Once you prepare your juice, drink it immediately. This provides the best nutritional value. Fresh juices should not be stored for more than 12 hours.

(5) Eat your juice. Don't gulp it down too fast. Let the juice mix with your saliva a little, before entering your stomach.



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