Choosing the Best Cookbooks For Your Collection

By Kiout - December 12, 2018

Every cook knows that good cookbooks make everything from simple meals to gourmet recipes understandable and fun to make. The kind of cookbooks you choose will depend upon your skill level as well as your tastes in food. Some of the best volumes of recipes come from well-known chefs, while other good cookbooks have a more generic appeal.

Some very basic cookbooks are available for cooks who are beginners in the kitchen. These books have instructions on every aspect of the simplest recipes, right down to the last detail. Some, like Food Network Kitchens HOW TO BOIL WATER, go one step further and add embellishments to liven up the original recipe.

Robin Miller's QUICK FIX MEALS is one of the best cookbooks for people who have little time to spend in the kitchen. NOT YOUR MOTHERS SLOW COOKER RECIPES FOR ENTERTAINING offers delicious meals to prepare with little fuss. All you have to do is some advance preparations and let the slow cooker take over from there.

Famous chefs have their ways of offering cookbooks with unusual techniques for producing mouth-watering meals. The Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten, has offered many cookbooks over the years, the most recent one featuring intimate at home recipes.

The popular Emeril Lagasse has several cookbooks, from the elegant meal plans in the DELMONICO cookbook to the down-home eats in EMERILS POTLUCK COMFORT FOODS WITH A KICKED UP ATTITUDE.

Bobby Flay made grilling a major phenomenon, and now he has a cookbook outlining recipes from his famous Mesa Grill Southwestern Kitchen. Paula Deen also offers a recipe book based on her restaurant fare. Her sons, the Deen Brothers, have a book of foods gathered from their road trips. These recipes are all of a quality that is suitable for serving at a fine restaurant.

With Rachel Ray, the key is nearly always speediness. She is known for her different variations on the 30-Minute recipes, of which JUST IN TIME and EXPRESS LANE MEALS are two of the most recent cookbooks. Rachel Ray's cookbooks are flexible in that the instructions can be altered for two or many.

If you are concerned about health and fitness, there are plenty of cookbooks available that have health tips along with nutritionally sound fare. You cannot go wrong with good health-focused cookbooks that combine the expertise of a health and nutrition expert with the talents of an inspired chef.

Cookbooks are fun to read as well as being great additions to a kitchen. Just learning about all the different preparation methods and plating techniques is interesting in itself. When you have begun to use the recipes to feed yourself and your family, you will find that you are delighted with the results.



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