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Monday, April 23, 2018

A Guide to Every Flavor of Laughing Cow Cheese

A manual to each taste of guffawing cow cheese

A Guide to Every Flavor of Laughing Cow Cheese

Wrapped up in foil and packed in that round cardboard box, wedges of guffawing cow cheese experience like one of these dainty little snack. As i kid, i felt like such an adult commencing up a wedge and spreading it over a plate of crackers like they do within the advertisements. But if you overlooked it (i sure did!), there isn't always just one type anymore. In truth, there are a whole slew of flavors — more than there are days of the week!
On a assignment to save your snack ruin, i sampled all of them. So the subsequent time you're yearning a creamy, cheesy snack with a crimson cow at the label, you'll understand wherein to show.

(image credit: the guffawing cow)
If you like the classics ... Creamy unique swiss
This is the creamy cheese wedge i recognise and love. It's now not greater-sharp like that deli swiss cheese with the holes in it. Rather, it is wealthy with only a little nuttiness. The most conventional giggling cow cheese wedge deserves a handful of classic ritz crackers.

(image credit score: the guffawing cow)
In case you need to consume extra veggies ... Creamy swiss garlic & herb
Skip the celery and carrot sticks — this wedge type of tastes like veggie dip, and i suggest that in a very good way. It's supposed to be spread (no longer dunked), however it's a cheese that makes raw vegetables taste an entire lot better.

(photograph credit: the giggling cow)
If you need to devour an apple an afternoon ... Creamy white cheddar
I followed the image on the container of this variety and attempted it with apple slices, and it became most really a achievement. Like peanut butter, it's a creamy comparison to the apple slices, but it is saltier and just feels a little extra state-of-the-art.

(picture credit: the guffawing cow)
If you want a piece of a kick ... Creamy highly spiced pepper jack
This tastes just like the pepper jack cheese you purchase from the deli counter, however in wedge shape. I used to be pressured approximately what to do with this one except unfold it on a turkey sandwich so i just unfold it on crackers, but i think it'd be even higher spread on pretzels.

(picture credit: the giggling cow)
In case you're making an egg sandwich ... Creamy queso fresco chipotle
I desired loads extra smoky chipotle taste from this cheese. I also didn't get lots inside the way of queso fresco, even though it truly is in all likelihood because it's this kind of mild cheese to begin with. That said, i assume this one's a touch dull on its very own, but could paintings well swiped on a slice of bread earlier than building avocado toast or an egg sandwich.

(image credit score: the laughing cow)
If you're dreaming of a mediterranean holiday ... Creamy mozzarella, solar-dried tomato & basil
This one tastes distinguished (thank you, sun-dried tomatoes!). Out of the flavored guffawing cow cheeses, this wedge felt the most natural. Swipe it on crostini whilst you sip a glass of prosecco — it's allowed during snack hour, right?

(picture credit score: the giggling cow)
If you want onion dip ... Creamy swiss french onion
I wanted this one to ring a bell in me of the melty cheese on top of french onion soup. Alternatively, it jogged my memory of onion dip that is made from a bundle. So if it truly is your jam, you may like this. I don't think ruffled potato chips would be an out-of-vicinity pairing here.

(image credit: the laughing cow)
In case you've were given a few jam handy ... Creamy asiago
The most up-to-date flavor, i unluckily felt that creamy asiago became attempting too difficult to match in with the relaxation. Asiago has a nice sharp flavor, which fell a bit flat here, and that i ended up feeling like this one wasn't all that one of a kind from the original swiss. However i attempted to spice it up by spreading it on triscuits with a touch fig jam, and it became a snacking achievement. Jam saves all.

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